the woman is getting her creamy cunt milked

The woman could hardly hold back her ecstasy as the man's skilled hands caressed her creamy cunt. She had been fantasizing about this moment for so long, and now that it was here, she couldn't believe it was happening. Her weak moans became louder as the man worked her with a soft touch, milking her of pleasure with every stroke. The man did not hurry his movements, as his palm roamed around her soft quivering flesh. His expert fingers found every erogenous spot and provoked an explosion of ecstasy within her. She pushed herself against his hands, wanting more of what he was offering as the man continued milking her tainted treat. The woman shuddered violently as she felt the warm pleasure flooding through her entire body. She gasped for breath as the man's fingers expertly milked out every drop of creamy cunt milk. In that moment, she was nothing but complete pleasure and bliss.

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