sensual mums old milfs who need love and attention

Craig was walking home on a hot summer day when he noticed two old ladies, both beautiful mums, sitting in front of a nearby park. He could feel his heart thumping a bit faster as he watched them closely. He had to take a second look to admire both their sensual curves and soft, smooth skin. He approached them shyly and as he got closer, he could smell their tantalizing perfume. It was driving him wild. One of the mums asked him what he wanted and his heart fluttered as he looked into her emerald eyes. He apologized for his intrusion and asked them if they were interested in getting some dinner or a drink. The two sensual mums were more than happy to accept his offer. Over dinner, Craig discovered that they were both in desperate need of love and attention. He offered to take them out every weekend so they could enjoy a bit of company and conversation. Craig was happy he found these two old milfs who needed love and attention. They gave him the mot vigorous companionship ever and he ultimately felt his love for them growing every time he was with them.

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