older ladies having fun with big dicks and pussy licking

Two older ladies, Marcia and Faith, had been close friends for many years. As they had grown older, they had become even closer and promised each other that when the age caught up with them, they would still enjoy life with each other - in every way possible. One afternoon, they decided to have some fun and went to a private playroom. The room was filled with a wide assortment of toys, from big dicks to unusual vibrators. They each took turns exploring each other and exploring their own imaginations. As they continued, their excitement grew and Marcia suggested they make the experience even more intimate by experimenting with pussy licking. An hour later, the unbelievable orgasms and intense pleasure had created elation for each of them. As they held each other and put their clothes back on, they both realized that age was only a number and they could still enjoy the many pleasures that life had to offer - and with each other!

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