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John had always been crazy about the mature blond women. So when he met Sarah he couldn't resist his attraction towards her. They immediately got married and soon Sarah became John's attractive mature wife. One day, their lives changed dramatically, when a sexy black man bursted into their bedroom. He looked directly into Sarah's deep blue eyes and she felt immediately aroused. The man made his intentions clear - he was planning to have a passionate night with Sarah. John felt intimidated, but had no real choice. His wife was already being seduced by this mysterious man. He let them do as they pleased - and from that moment on, the trio let their passions take over. The black man was dominant and controlled the situation. He took Sarah in each of her tight spots, as John watched, mesmerized by their chemistry. It was a night of intense pleasure, for which neither of them was prepared. As they both craved for more, they looked to continue their passionate threesome.

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