nude older woman giving sex massage to her horny

It was a blissful sight; the nude, older woman lying comfortably on the massage table in the dimly lit room. Her raspy breaths were completely lost in the low music playing in the background. The room had a seductive ambiance as the horny young man approached the table where the woman lay. His fingers began to slowly wander all over her body. She shivered with delight as they swept past her bared flesh. The man traced his fingers along her curves, and he could feel her tense as his hands reached her innermost areas. His hands gently massaged her, sending shivers of arousal down her spine. She moved her hips in time with his movements and closed her eyes in satisfaction as he brought her closer to a state of complete ecstasy. The woman let out a blissful sigh as the man's touch became more intimate. With each passing movement, his fingers brought pleasure and relaxation to her body in equal measure. She soon had forgotten there was any other place in the world but this comforting massage table. The man was passionately driven in his massage, and he brought the woman to a state of absolute bliss. By the end of the massage it felt like her body had been transformed from a withering flower into a fresh, vibrant bloom.

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