naked older woman being fucked by a black dude

A Naked, elderly woman lay on the bed. She had been waiting for this moment for so long. The black man stood at the edge of the bed, his muscular frame creating an intense silhouette against the light. She wanted him to take her, ravish her and show her what it was like to be really desired. She beckoned him closer and he stepped into the bed, folding his body around hers, letting her feel his hot breath on her neck. She savored the feeling of his skin against hers and his smooth masculine motions as he gently explored her body. He moved into her and the sensation was delicious. She gasped in pleasure as he gave her what she so craved. His dark skin was a stark contrast against her pale, naked body as he pushed deeper and deeper. They both lost themselves in the moment as he continued to fuck her with an uncontrollable passion. The elderly woman felt ecstasy as the black man pleasured her. She never wanted the moment to end as he took her to the heights of pleasure. His dark figure in the night made this moment so much more intense and satisfying. She had finally found what she wanted; the embrace of a black god.

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