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Sam had always had a thing for mature women. So, when he met Sarah, the single mom of his friend, Sam couldn't help but to become entranced by her. She exuded a confidence and sexiness that Sam was instantly drawn to. One night, while enjoying a couple of drinks, the two of them began flirting. Soon enough, Sam had whisked Sarah away to his bedroom. He couldn't help but to kiss her with an intensity he had never felt before. Sam and Sarah explored each other with pure pleasure. He enjoyed exploring her every curves and making her moan with delight. His deepest fantasies were coming true as he fucked her like a slut; she wanted it and he knew that. His thrust became more and more intense, until finally he release all his desires into her. They had just experienced a wild night of passion and pleasure, with Sarah taking on the role as both a mature woman and a slut. Sam knew one thing for certain; he was hooked on Sarah and wanted her even more.

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