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Jennifer was a beautiful bride with long, flowing, dark brown hair everywhere. Her prominent breasts and plump hips invited her husband's hungry mouth and hands all over her body. He kissed and touched her body as it moved and shook beneath him. His wife's hairy pussy was always tantalizing, and he eagerly entered in, slipping in deep inside her waiting warmth. Jennifer's wet pussy had her writhing all over him, every thrust making her breathless with pleasure. He moved faster and faster, enjoying the sounds of her moans in his ear and the feel of her slippery wetness against his thrusts. The sensation was intoxicating, and his pounding stroke increased in intensity. Jennifer's moans were soon turning throaty and begging for more. She felt her orgasm swell up as her husband's body took her to a place of pleasure few could ever reach. His cock, pushing further and further into her hairy wife pussy, was more than she could take and her orgasm released in an overpowering wave of pleasure. His intense thrusts grinding her exhausted body against his drove her to the brink and back, pleasure and satisfaction overriding any and all exhaustion.

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