an older woman giving a white cock to another guy

Suzy was an older woman, but she had hidden skill: she knew how to give unimaginable pleasure through her white cock. So when her friend Peter mentioned that he was looking for the ultimate sexual experience, she knew she could do the trick. Kneeling before him, she wrapped her pink lips around the length of the cock and started to stroke and tease it ever so nicely. Peter moaned in pleasure as Suzy worked her magic, and it wasn't long before his body started to tense up with pleasure. As he trembled and lost himself in the pleasurable sensations, Suzy gradually increased the speed and intensity of her strokes. Finally, Peter couldn't resist anymore and let out a cry of ecstasy as his orgasm coursed through his veins. Suzy smiled and kept on giving her white cock to him until he was completely spent. When it was all over, Suzy could hardly believe that she had given so much pleasure with her white cock. Peter thanked her before they finished. She knew he would be back for more!

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