an older lady being fucked on the couch

Maggie, a 68 year old widow, was uncertain when she felt a hard body press up against hers on the couch. She looked up to see a full lipped man with sparkling eyes, looking at her as if she were the most beautiful machine in the world. His hands carefully stripped her clothes away and she felt goosebumps trail down her body from his touch. The man moved his lips along her neck and chest, sending her into a state of arousal she had long forgotten. With one swift move he entered her and as his hips moved against hers, Maggie moaned in pleasure. The man increased his speed and the sensation slowly became overwhelming as she moved closer and closer to her climax. The man soon followed and as Maggie felt his body trembling, an intense orgasm surged through her and she gasped for air. As the man's head rested on her shoulder, Maggie realized that she had never felt so alive and satisfied in years. They lay there for a few more moments, enjoying the gentle afterglow of their intimate moment on the couch.

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