a woman with her ass fucked while she plays on a bed

Maria was lying with her face up on the bed, she was wearing nothing but a loose tank top and a pair of white panties. Her brown hair was falling on her shoulders like a waterfall of silk. She felt the warmth of the sunlight coming from the window forcing its way through her tank top and lightly caressing her skin. Slowly, her hips started to rise. She trembled with pleasure as she felt a hot, wet mouth pressing against her exposed buttocks, licking and then slipping deep inside of her. She moaned out loud as her partner took her from behind while she was playing on the bed. The hardness of the pleasure was building up inside her, and with each thrust her body was on the verge of ecstasy. It was one of those days when she was unable to control her desires. The sensation of having her ass fucked while she was playing on a bed was this time too strong for her to resist. After a few intense moments, Maria finally relented and allowed the wave of pleasure to engulf her body.

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