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She welcomed him in as soon as he stepped through the door. His strong arms wrapped around her as he pulled her in to him and drank in the scent of her skin. He moved lower, and she sighed when she felt his warm breath on her nipples as he gently sucked them into his mouth. She hardly had time to notice that her pants had fallen on the floor before she felt his tongue trailing across her inner thighs. Her heart raced as he kissed her intimately, and soon enough she began to moan in pleasure as he teased and tasted her. She wanted him inside her, and wasted no time in guiding him towards it. She engulfed him with her body, and as he entered her deeply she felt a wave of pleasure that cascaded through her. With each thrust she felt pumped by sensations, and soon enough a delicious and electric orgasm overtook her. Gently she rolled them over, and eagerly she lowered herself onto his warm body to continue to be filled with pleasure. She smiled with delight as he let out a deep moan as she began to ride him like a wild stallion. And so their passionate day of exploration began. A perfect coupling of a woman sucking a man's cock and fucking her, until they reached the heights of pleasure.

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