a woman showing her big natural breast in bed

Emily had always been proud of her curves but never has she been more proud than lying in bed with her partner. She felt empowered by his attentive gaze as she unbuttoned her blouse and released her big, natural breasts. Her body curved like a goddess awaiting worship, and her partner obliged. Her skin felt like velvet beneath his touch as he caressed the swells, his mouth tasting hungrily and sending pleasurable shivers down her spine. His hands moved around her body, cupping them from underneath and she could feel the passion in his embrace. Emily let him have her body, reveling in the delicious sensations of being his to explore. His fingers burrowed beneath the softness until they found her most sensitive spots, pushing her body to the brink of ecstasy. Finally, with one last gust of pleasure, he took them over the edge as they both basked in her breast and the beauty of the moment.

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