a woman getting fucked by another old man

Lucy was a sexy young woman who had a wild streak. She wanted to try everything and experience all the pleasures life had to offer. So, when she met an old man who promised her one of the most exciting nights of her life, she didn't hesitate. The old man was experienced and knew exactly how to make her body quiver with pleasure. His touch was gentle but confident and his kissing was like no other. She moaned as he fingered her and opened her up for what was to come. Lucy gasped when she felt the thick length of him enter her and soon they were locked in a passionate embrace. She rode him hard and fast until he filled her with his warmth and they lay there in blissful silence afterwards. The old man had given her a night she would never forget and she thanked him for it. From that night onwards, she was always on the lookout for another old man to share her passion with.

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