a mature woman has a hairy cock and she is spreading it out

Alice, a mature woman, was looking in the mirror, admiring her not-so-shaved body. She was running her fingers through her hairy cock, spreading it out, feeling the bushiness of it. It felt like something she had never felt before, something she was proud of. She met someone the other day, someone who made her feel like she had never felt before as well. Alice could not take her mind off of him, and part of her wanted to show him the hairy cock. She imagined undressing that night, slowly taking off each piece of clothing until she was completely naked, then spreading the hairy cock out for him to see. She could only image what his reaction would be, something incomparable to anything she has ever felt before. The thought of it made Alice giddy and excited, and she knew she had to show him, no matter what the outcome may be. She knew it was a risk, but the thrill of showing someone her special, hairy cock was too tempting to pass up. She was finally ready to show the world the part of her that she was the most proud of.

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