a huge mom that has two guys fucking her tits in the bedroom

The bedroom was crowded, two muscular men gripping the huge breasts of the voluptuous mother. With the focus all on her, they shared a knowing look before advancing onto to their task. Playing with her nipples, they teased them until she was moans filled the room. The weight of the men on her chest and the gentle caresses pushed her over the edge and gasps of pleasure followed. She braced herself as they took turns plunging their tongue into her succulent cleavage while the other one grasped her huge tits. Every lick, every thrust, each nibble was like an ecstatic experiment that made her body quiver in coming pleasure. The men caressed her ample curves and brought every part of her body to life with each gentle caress of their hands and tongues. Waves and waves of desirable pleasure rocked through her body until the men were spent, both assured of her indelible satisfaction.

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